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During my years working in Silicon Valley, I was always aware of background noise in communications that only became worse with webinars and online meetings. Barking dogs, ringing phones, people talking in the background, and now, acoustic shock issues. I realized I need to put my understanding of acoustics and noise to the test. There must be a way to clean up the signal from the microphone. Could I eliminate distracting noise at the source, at the microphone?


Redefining the Way 
We Hear Sound

I founded Syfx Tekworks to explore developing exactly this and other ideas and found the answer is YES, I can do that.


Over this time I have patented solutions in audio transmissions like:


  • Distortionless Multichannel High Fidelity Audio Compressor

  • Fast Response Background Noise Level Detector

  • TV Smart Volume Control

  • Audio Microscope

  • “Audio Boost” software library for the eFusion “Voice Recorder HD” iOS app

  • Noise Compensating Safe Hearing Headphones


Prior to founding Syfx Tekworks, I joined many Silicon Valley start-up companies such as ReSound (first multiband compression hearing aid), MasPar (massively parallel computing), and Sun Microsystems (employee 182, designing workstation and graphics processor hardware).


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